People should be treated with respect especially in their later years of life. Sadly, this is not always the case. While some individuals think they can walk all over people, this mentality is fundamentally flawed. One elderly woman proved this principle still holds some truth.

Two teenagers were filming their skate-boarding routine when they suddenly heard a vehicle come to a screeching halt.

A senior citizen waits to cross the street on Feb 15, 2008. (xtatic Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

The video in question pans to an elderly woman waiting at a pedestrian crossing. The driver of the silver Mercedes convertible can be heard revving his engine and tooting his car horn at the woman to cross the asphalt.

She initially appears to be startled and slowly makes her way across the street. However, the impatient driver, who looks like he is dressed for work, becomes agitated and repeatedly toots his horn.

A driver toots his horn at a woman crossing the street on Feb 15, 2008. (xtatic Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

The woman loses her temper and decides to teach the young man a lesson that he should never mess with a senior citizen.

She suddenly swings her shopping bag and whacks the front bumper bar. The force is so great the impact instantly sets off the frontal airbag, much to the driver’s surprise.

A woman whacks the front bumper bar with her shopping bag on Feb 15, 2008. (xtatic Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

The driver quickly realizes he had just received an important lesson in life. He was wrong to rush the woman to cross the street, and should have been more respectful, patient, and polite with elders.

BL understands honking was not only impolite but potentially life-threatening for a woman of that age. Such a startling noise could have caused a heart attack that either hospitalized or, even worse, killed her.

A driver covers his face after the frontal airbag deploys on Feb 15, 2008. (xtatic Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

The footage shows the man covering his face, as if he is embarrassed of his behavior. His shame continues to grow, as he realizes the nearby skateboarders are hysterically laughing and filming the entire incident.

Although BL understands the ‘granny’ clearly won this round, it is always a good idea to keep calm.