A seagull that faithfully accompanied captain John Makowsky for more than a dozen years of sea voyages has found a new lifelong companion.

In 2005 a female seagull suddenly appeared on Makowsky’s lobster fishing boat while he was sailing through the Gulf of Maine. She has been at the captain’s side ever since.

In the past 15 years, the gull Makowsky named “Red Eye” watched the captain routinely pull lobster traps and perform his other duties.

“She comes right up to the window and is looking at me this far away,” he said according to CBS News. “Just staring at me.”

Red Eye the seagull on, Aug. 22, 2020. (CBS Evening News Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

After more than a decade of camaraderie, Red Eye has brought some extra company. She has found a mate and introduced him to the captain.

Makowsky thought “Hero” would be a suitable name for the male seagull after Observing he is highly protective.

The previous year proved testing for Makowsky and Red Eye, since she sustained a dangerous wound and broke a leg.

The captain suspected such a severe injury could end Red Eye’s life. The thought of losing the gull left him feeling gutted.

“I do not know why I was so emotionally crushed but it was a piece missing [and] I was beginning to wonder how much longer I felt like doing this,” he said according to the broadcaster.

“Oh, very, very difficult,” his wife Debbie added. “To watch John and see how sad he was. I could tear up right now.”

Makowsky began thinking of ways to help his winged friend recover. He caught Red Eye and took her to Cape Neddick, Maine for proper veterinary care.

Center for Wildlife staff happily nursed the bird back to health and, each time Makowsky visited, he brought Brown Hake–her favorite type of fish–to eat.

To Makowsky’s surprise, Red Eye only a few weeks to fully recover and return to her usual routine: accompany the captain.

No matter where Makowsky may wander in the sea, Red Eye will always find him.

An old adage holds that seagulls deliver the souls of lost sailors. For this fourth-generation lobsterman, believing Red Eye is an ancestor watching out for him keeps him at bay.

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