A hair model, who is widely known as Ukraine’s real-life Rapunzel, has not cut her hair since she was 12 years-old.

The 38 year-old now boasts 65 inches of growth that surprises many people who she meets.

“People are always shocked when they see my hair [and] they say that I am unique as a princess from fairy tales,” Alla Perkova said according to the New York Post. “For the last five years my hair length has remained the same, only the quality of the ends has improved.”

Perkova, whose brunette tresses extend to her toes, spends just 10 minutes washing her hair. She does not use hair masks or balms, only regular shampoo.

Her mother Maria, always had long hair. Her daughter believes she inherited Maria’s good genes.

“My mother is an example of beauty and femininity [and] she still has healthy long hair at 79,” Alla said according to the paper. “My hair is shiny and healthy because I have good genetics and excellent health–I thank her for teaching me the right care.”

The model does not follow any “specific diet” to promote hair growth. She also does not color her light brown hair, which turns blond in the summer sun.

“I try to be calm,” she said. “I comb them gently and slowly.”

Perkova claims she has about 50 different hairstyles.

Husband Eduard Usatiuk adores his partner’s beautiful curls, and often helps brush and comb them.

“He takes pride in my hair and sometimes helps me comb,” the model said.

Perkova’s example has inspired many social networks users to take an interest in growing their hair.

“My followers on Instagram write to me saying I motivate them for growing hair,” she said according to the Daily Mail. “I tell everyone that length is not important. Health, density and generally the presence of hair is important.”

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