While others were soaking up the sun and enjoying their summer off, Dr. David Harnish spent his vacations in a beautiful way. The Martin Public Schools superintendent logged 90-hour weeks painting the walls of the school himself.

After $18 million had been spent on remodeling the school district’s buildings, there was only one thing missing. The last time the buildings and classrooms were painted was 2001, so Dr. Harnish came up with an idea that wouldn’t cost a penny.

Harnish hired a handful of freshly graduated students and they together wore a fresh coat of paint for the buildings and classrooms.

“It’s neat to be able to give some of these seniors (who’ve graduated) an opportunity to do some summer work, too,” he said. 

Their dedicated work saved the district $150,000.

“That $150,000 would’ve taken away from the kids or taken away from the potential for us taking care of our staff,” Dr. Harnish told FOX 17.

And when the bell rang for the first day of the school, Harnish was there, greeting everyone and hearing nothing but compliments for the fresh face the school was sporting.