Autumn Carver, 34, was 7 months pregnant when she tested positive for COVID-19. She was hospitalized in late August with difficulties from her condition, he was put on a ventilator and underwent an emergency c-section as Newsner reported. 

Autumn, from Indiana, is already a mother of three daughters and Huxley is her first son.

Hopefully, she was allowed to hold her baby boy, Huxley, for the first time in more than seven weeks, on Aug. 27.

Once Huxley was allowed to be held by his mother for the first time, everything changed. His daddy, Zach, posted on Facebook, “A surprise conversation with a doctor this morning brought us out of Isolation and a plan for Autumn to meet Huxley (…) at 3 pm today she met our son and it was an amazing moment needless to say.”

Zach shared the news on Facebook. “Same convo advised us that Autumn Carver’s tracheotomy would be switched out to a smaller one so she could have a speaking devise attached to it.”

Autumn Carver’s parents, one of her closest friends, as well as several nurses and physicians, were all present to witness the reunion, according to Huxley’s father.

“I don’t know if there was a dry eye in the area. Later this afternoon I got to hear Autumn say ‘I love Zach’. What an amazing day,” read the post.

It was nearly two months later that Autumn Carver was finally allowed to hold her newborn for the first time.

Zach Carver said his wife, Autumn, and her parents were all in tears, “It was very emotional, for myself and of course her parents and of course for Autumn, It’s why she is fighting so hard, so she can get home to our kids.”

Zach referred to his wife as the most lovely and compassionate person he had ever met, and he said her smile could light up a room.

“We have a long way to go, but a good day through this was much needed. Autumn says thank you for all the prayers and support along the way. God bless you.”

She was transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for Children in Chicago, her lungs are in such bad shape that she may need a longer treatment.

But her husband said, “She is getting stronger and is able to walk around our room without a walker more and more,” Zach updated his wife’s condition on Facebook on Nov. 17.

“We went from she’s going to die, to she’s going to need a full lung transplant to she’s going to go home,” he explained. “It’s an absolute miracle.”

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