Despite the fact that animals come from many different species, they often create extraordinarily strong and loving bonds despite those differences.

The story of a borderless friendship spanning over a decade, between a golden retriever named G-Bro and a wild deer named Buttons makes for heart-warming reading.

Golden Retrievers are one of the happiest and most outgoing breeds. They are noted for being able to make friends with almost any animal. The Golden Retriever’s disposition is described in the standard as kindly, affable, and confident. Golden Retrievers are excellent family pets because they are patient with youngsters.

They are particularly valued for their high level of sociability towards people, calmness, and willingness to learn.

Deer are gentle creatures who appear to be curious about other animals.

Since the owner of G-Bro rescued Buttons from an unfortunate plight, the deer and the dog have bonded, reports the AnimalChannel.

Golden Retriever, G-Bro and Deer, Buttons cuddling in 2021
(Screenshot via TheBL / Cute Dodo Youtube)

G-Bro’s owner learned how to raise deer from a family friend. As a result, they felt at ease with it and wanted to assist her without domesticating her.

“When we first rescued Buttons, we had a friend that had raised a deer, and somebody called them and said a mama deer was hit by a car. They called us, and we had the knowledge from our friend of how to raise a deer. It took a lot of work, but our whole goal was to let her be wild, but also become a part of the family,” G-Bro’s owner explained.

Buttons has been with the family for 11 years and has become particularly close to G-Bro throughout that time.

G-Bro’s owners have a large parcel of land, and they developed more than 8 kilometers of walking routes for their pets on their property.

They always walked the dogs, deer, and cats together. It’s a good opportunity to get all of these creatures together, and it definitely deepened their friendship.

 When Buttons wanted to visit her friend, G-Bro’s owner explained that she simply walked up to them. 

“Buttons will just show up at the door, and that’s when you know she wants to see her buddy. She’ll even paw at the door if you’re not answering in a timely manner.”

Buttons peers through the glass door when she wants to meet the Golden Retriever, G-Bro in 2021
(Screenshot via TheBL /Cute Dodo Youtube)

Buttons’ best buddy and confidant is G-Bro. Buttons appeared to enjoy seeing G-Bro interact with her fawn. He is incredibly affectionate with them whenever he sees them.

 Further, G-Bro washed Buttons’ young fawn. Despite the fact that he is much bigger and stronger than them, he understood how to delicately tenderly lick their faces, and they appeared to enjoy it.

In response, Buttons did something quite unique for her companion. Buttons regularly cleaned G-Bro by licking and bathed him because G-Bro got very messy rolling around and playing with Buttons’ offspring.

Golden Retriever, G-Bro romps with Deer, Buttons and her babies in 2021
(Screenshot via TheBL/Cute Dodo Youtube)

Buttons and G-Bro spent happy and peaceful days together. Hiking is their favorite activity to do together. They did a lot of walking in the countryside and in the bush. 

They enjoyed frolicking in the snow throughout the winter. They cuddled together and enjoyed the sights and smells of the outside world when they were not playing.

G-Bro and Buttons are really fortunate to have had been pals for all of these years.

Everyone deserves a best buddy who will accompany them on their life’s journey.