The life-saving deeds took place on crowded Route 51. A Pleasant Hills Police officer saved the life of a 9-day-old newborn while on routine patrol.

Call it fate, or divine intervention, or whatever you want to call it.

“I just was doing my job that day. You know God put me at that place at that time. I’m just thankful that I was there to help them,” said Officer Kristin Mitrisin.

Olivia Schleicher, who is now 12 days old, is still being treated at Children’s Hospital. She is undergoing treatment for a cardiac problem.

Officer Mitrisin’s fast thinking and training are the only reasons she’s still alive.

The drama unfolded on April 24; Joe and Jody Schleicher’s 9-day-old newborn Olivia Schleicher stopped breathing as the family traveled down a major highway; it was every parent’s worst fear.

A hospital is miles away. Mom Jody recognized something was awry as the concerned parents sat at a red light.

“She said, ‘She’s not breathing. She’s not breathing I have to get her out of the car seat,'” Joe explained.

The panicked parents searched the area for assistance and came across Pittsburg Police Officer Mitrisin in her patrol cruiser.

Joe began beeping his horn to get her attention and informed her that his child had stopped breathing, reports newsner.

“He reaches out to me, the baby’s turning blue in her face and in her nose. So, he said, ‘please, my baby can’t breathe help me,'” Officer Mitrisin said.

Then, Kristin carried baby Olivia to the gate of her police pickup vehicle after Joe and his wife had flagged her down, and the officer began the delicate operation of chest compressions on a 9-day-old infant.

It’s not easy to do on a baby. “You just use your two fingers, apply pressure down, and just keep going,” she said.

After then, assistance appears. A prison officer comes to a stop to help. Officer Mitrisin instructs him to activate the defibrillator. The newborn, however, did not require a shock.

“Continued CPR, the baby took a breath, then there was a couple more seconds, another large breath, and then we got a few more shallow breaths, and then she started crying. And that was the best sound to hear,” said Officer Mitrisin.

Officer Kristin Mitrisin is being credited with saving the life of nine-day-old baby Olivia on Apr 28, 2021
(CBS Pittsburgh/Screenshot via TheBL/Youtube)

They didn’t wait for the paramedics to arrive. The police transported Olivia to the AHN local hospital, which is just along Route 51. Officer Mitrisin had rescued her from certain death.

“Just thought, you know, what we have to do to get baby Olivia breathing. The mom said her name was Olivia, so I just kept saying ‘c’mon baby Olivia, we can do this.’ And I just kept doing the CPR on baby Olivia.”

Olivia’s appreciative parents are now praying for a quick recovery for their daughter as she requires heart surgery, so she can return home and hopefully reunite with the officer.

“If the officer would be willing to meet the baby and meet up with us after she comes out of the hospital that’s something we’d definitely be interested in. I feel like she may feel as proud as we are knowing that she saved the baby,” Joe said.

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