A United Airlines pilot calls out Mom on a flight, making her cry after leaving the cockpit to come to her seat to say “love you.”

The touching moment that the pilot walks right up to his mother and leans down to give her a big hug while saying “love you” was captured by the pilot’s sister, Michelle A.

The emotional event happened after the pilot announced, “We have a special passenger,” then added, “If you were a Capital Airlines stewardess, would you mind raising your hand?”

According to Spotlight, the mother can be seen in the video looking taken back, then exclaiming, “Oh my God,” while raising her hand.

The mother, who worked as a flight attendant for Capital Airlines 60 years ago, puts her hand over her face and tells her family that she believes she might cry when she sees the captain himself walking down.

The special surprise was arranged by the mom’s grown-up daughter Michelle. It took place on their flight where her eldest son serves as a captain. The flight was in January this year to honor the mother for her sacrifice in raising three children.

Michelle’s mother appeared to have had no idea that her son would be working on this aircraft. Seeing a family member on a plane must feel like a strange coincidence, even if it was planned ahead of time.

The pilot praises his mother for being “the greatest mom ever,” and everyone around her claps, showing their admiration.

“You had the greatest dad ever,” the mother says, before adding to others in the seats next to her, “His father was a pilot.”

Michelle’s video has received so much attention, getting over 20 million views on YouTube. People who left comments were all positive about her mother’s surprise.

“Great job sonny. Every mom deserves to be appreciated, respected and shown some love by her child or children, (to our parents we are still children, grown up or not),” one network user said.

“I love this video. There’s nothing more gratifying that acknowledging your love for your mother in public. That’s so sweet. That guy a is a very good son,” said another.

Another captain shared: “I’m a pilot. I’ve done this for my mom too. Awesome feeling to see the joy in your mom’s eyes,” commented the third one.

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