After asking her dying grandmother to bring her hundreds of pennies from heaven as a sign of love, a woman from Maine discovered hundreds of them.

A lady from Hallowell, Maine named Michelle McDougal was born on her grandmother’s 39th birthday, which marked the beginning of their exceptionally close relationship.

“From day one my nana and I had a very close relationship. I was born on her 39th birthday on a cold December morning. The first of her 7 grandchildren,” said McDougal.

McDougal suffered pneumonia at the age of ten days and was on the verge of death. A nurse was employed by her mother and grandparents to look after her. However, she never gave it any attention until her grandfather told her, years later, how they paid for it.

“Mit, your nana worked triple shifts in the shoe shop to help your mother pay for that nurse. She would come home with her fingers bleeding from sewing so many shoes. She’d quickly wash and then run right to you, to make sure you were okay. That’s how much she loves you,’” McDougal’s grandfather told her.

McDougal shared many experiences with her grandma over the years.

“We shared 45 birthdays together, usually with 2 cakes side-by-side,” said McDougal, according to Love What Matters. “Whether in person or on the phone, we’d talked about everything.”

Unfortunately, then came the news that McDougal’s beloved nana had been stricken with terminal cancer. McDougal was devastated when she heard about her grandmother’s illness.

“That world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with cancer. But in true Nana fashion, she fought hard and after 2 years was given a clean bill of health. So we were all quite surprised when the doctor said her cancer had come back and there was nothing they could do for her,” she wrote.

During those last months, McDougal and her grandmother had many pleasant chats. However, she could not forget about one in particular.

On the last night they spent together before her death, McDougal wished her grandma to bring her pennies from heaven as a sign.

“Nana, when you get to heaven please send me lots of pennies so I know you’re still near.” McDougal held her nana’s hand and said.

The grandmother “laughed and said, ‘Okay, Mit,’” McDougal recalled.

She began noticing pennies strewn about the house soon after her grandmother’s passing.

“Immediately after her passing, I started finding pennies. Not just a few, but dozens and dozens of pennies. Those dozens turned into hundreds and hundreds of pennies.” McDougal said according to Spotlight.

Although McDougal was so surprised, she thought it was her grandmother’s sign and thanked her for every penny she discovered.

“My mom joked and said, ‘Michelle, you should have told her to send twenty-dollar bills.’”

“But pennies to me are perfect because that’s exactly what I asked for. I smile as I pick up each new one and whisper, ‘Thank you nana, I love you,” wrote McDougal.

“I’ve found pennies in the strangest places. A room that was just vacuumed. In the shower. In a box that contained an ornament, I had given her. I chose to keep all of them. Stored safely in the largest old Mason jars I could find,” she continued.

It’s now four years since McDougal’s grandmother passed away, and the grandniece realized she had to do something with the hundreds of pennies she’d received.

“With my husband’s help I screwed together some old barn boards and started carefully gluing each penny,” she said.

In honor of her beloved nana, they bonded the pennies together to form a giant heart. “It had to be a heart because what else is there to symbolize such deep love?” McDougal explained.

“I quickly dug out a card she had given me and scanned it into the computer. My husband carefully traced ‘love and kisses Nana.’ As my Cricut machine printed the final touch. My eyes welled with tears, but my heart was filled with nothing but love,” she wrote.

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