Cops pulled over two parents in West Virginia, but they were not about to get a fine, instead, they got a big surprise.

Nancy and Richard Stahl were driving when two police cars signaled for them to stop. A couple of cops got out of their patrol car and approached the couple, according to Shareably.

The wife had thought that they must have been pulled over for a speeding offense, but police asked them to step out because their car was suspected to be linked to a drugs transaction.

In the cop car, their son—Kenneth Stahl—was hiding inside, waiting for the right moment to reveal himself to his parents.

Kenneth is a military man. He had been deployed in the Middle Ease for the past 11 months.

What Kenneth’s parents did not know was that he had been accepted into Fairmont State University, and he was on his way home early to give them the surprise of their lives.

While the conversation between the police and Kenneth’s parents were taking place, a door opened in the police car and another man stepped out. He walked around to the back of the car, waiting for the right moment.

When Nancy and Richard approach the police car, the reason for their cop stop was revealed. The back door of the police car opened, and Kenneth got out of the vehicle.

Richard stared at his son, kitted out in his full army uniform, standing right in front of him.

His mother then began to scream in excitement, hurrying over to Kenneth and pulling the son into a big hug.

Then they were holding each other in their arms again, and again.

Their reunions came in a very different way but with a sweet ending.

That moment was captured on video by a friend of Kenneth. The video was shared by Happily on social media and went viral.

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