Growing up without a family is one of the most tragic experiences a person can have, yet it is often the case in the foster care system. Logan Hunt, a child who was given up for adoption, went through this.

As a youngster, he went through a traumatic failed adoption and was tossed about from foster family to foster home until he was old enough to leave the system.

Logan, whose real name was Seth Miller, lived in his car until he shared his tale with the world, and it changed his life forever. Logan found out he has a biological sister, and her family contacted him to arrange a meeting.

Shyann is Logan’s adopted sister, and her adoptive parents are Robert and Ara Hunt.

The Hunts said that the instant they watched Logan’s interview on television, they knew he was a member of their family. The Hunt family invited Logan to move in after getting to know each other, and he consented.

After a year together, the Hunts adopted the young man, who was 19 at the time. Logan decided to change his name and start a new life at this point.

When the judge declared him a legitimate Hunt family member, Logan’s expression is hilarious and will bring anybody to tears. This child has gone through so much, and seeing pleasure and happiness radiate from him is breathtaking.

The majority of youngsters growing up in the U.S. foster system have just one wish: to one day find a true family to call their own.

Sadly, this does not happen for a considerable proportion of children. Approximately 20,000 children are projected to age out of the foster care system each year. This implies they are left on their own to start a new life.

Seth Miller faced reality a few years ago when he legally became an adult, which meant he could no longer rely on the foster care system.

Seth spent nearly a decade in miserable foster homes after being placed for adoption as a toddler and subsequently going through a painful unsuccessful adoption as a youngster.

When he “aged out” of the system, Seth discovered he had no one to turn to. He became “empty, alone, nowhere to kind of fit in” homeless at the age of 18 and had to live in a car.

He only looked for a decent family to call his own. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, a series of events occurred that would forever alter Seth’s life.

Things began to change for Seth in 2013, when his court-appointed special advocate convinced Robert and Ara Hunt to meet with him.

Shyann Hunt, Seth’s biological sister, had been adopted by the Hunt family. They were apprehensive about meeting Seth, but they decided that fear should not keep them back and took the risk.

“When we let go of the fears, we found forever,” Ara Hunt explained.

Indeed, the pair orchestrated a meeting between Shyann and her long-lost brother, and the reunion was emotional. Things proceeded to take their natural course after that, precisely as they were supposed to.

The Hunts, who already had a big family with two daughters and a son still living at home at the time, invited Seth to come in with them soon after the reunion.

Despite the difficulties of the transition phase, they quickly discovered their communication codes, and living together became second nature to them.

Seth was adopted by the Hunts a year later. In a Collin County courthouse, Seth, the Hunt family, and a few loved ones gathered. Under the law, that’s where they all formed a family.

“From the first time I saw the interview, I knew he was a part of our family,” Robert Hunt told the judge. “We’re just doing this to make it legal. He’s our son.”

Seth decided to alter his name. Logan Hunt is the new name in honor of the family that gave him the most valuable gift of all: a place to call home.

Logan said, “It feels awesome,” adding, “Like I’m at peace.”

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