By Kim Wong-shing

A Wisconsin man recently did something unimaginable: He tossed a garbage bag filled with eight newborn puppies into a dumpster . Now that the puppies are safe and sound, they’ve been given names for cheeses to honor the cheese-loving state that they come from: Feta, Swiss, Blue, Munster, Brie, Gouda, Fontina, and Colby.

The puppies were just a day old when the man threw them away. It was only 17 degrees F outside, and the puppies were sharing a bag with household trash. A passing door-to-door salesman heard the puppies desperately crying for help, and he immediately called 911.

“I have no doubt that these puppies would have died,” Police Officer Bob Larsen told Inside Edition . “I kept thinking, ‘How could anybody do this? This is insane.’”

Authorities arrested Robert Wild for abandoning the puppies in a dumpster outside his own home.

Amazingly, the man is still selling puppies. He says the most recent litter was an “accident.” He also insists that he wasn’t going to leave the puppies to die in the dumpster (Yeah, OK!).

“I didn’t think they were going to die because in the back of my mind I knew I was going to go back and get them out of there,” Robert told Inside Edition . “I did something really stupid for a moment. Do I regret it? Yes I do.”

All eight of the dogs are alive and healthy. They’re at the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter, and they’ll be up for adoption soon. They already have over 200 applicants!

Watch the video to see the adorable puppies, who are now safe and sound.


Source: Littlethings

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