Birthdays are wonderful days for children because they receive gifts and wishes from friends, family, and relatives.

On his 6th birthday, however, a youngster named JJ did not experience this joy, as all 22 of his invited classmates did not attend his party because of the Covid-19 pandemic rampaging throughout the planet.

Dawn, JJ’s mother, said the COVID-19 lockdown had been lifted where her family lives, and people are now allowed to celebrate birthday parties in the park.

Therefore, JJ’s family has put together a wonderful birthday party complete with birthday cake, candles, and decorations.

JJ’s birthday was approaching, and everyone was anticipating a joyous celebration.

However, something no one expected happened: half an hour had passed, no one turned up for the celebration, all 22 of JJ’s invited classmates did not show up, reports the NewYorkPost.

In the end, JJ had to play alone in the park and he must have been very sad and disappointed because he couldn’t see his friends.

JJ’s mother was heartbroken and felt for JJ.

Then, Dawn posted a sad birthday video of her young son on TikTok on June 20.

Since then, the video has received over 543,000 likes and 20,000 comments.

Dawn said in the video’s caption, “Sorry the video is shaky…I am so upset for this poor guy. He deserves better. He’s amazing.”

Surprisingly, a large number of individuals wished JJ a happy birthday and even offered him gifts.

One said: “My mama’s heart just broke. I have questions, what is he into right now? Where can I send him gifts? I am dead serious.”

Another wrote: “This is why we always show. No matter what. My girl is there with a gift and a smile.”

However, Dawn declined the gifts, although the offers were greatly appreciated, she prefered that they be donated to children’s hospitals.

She also stated that JJ preferred to spend time with his pals rather than receive gifts.

Dawn responded to comments by claiming she had contacted friends and relatives and was able to get the help of six individuals to come to the park and save JJ’s day.

Also, several people have recounted similar experiences that happened to them or their children. It was like a consolation to JJ.

An Arizona mom shared a photo of her son sitting alone next to a partially eaten pizza when none of his 32 guests showed up for his sixth birthday party in 2018.