A man with disability has become a Harvard law student, owning to his mother’s sacrifices and notability.

Ding Ding was born in central China in 1988. Shortly after his birth, doctors told his mother, Zou Hongyan, that he “nearly suffocated during a birth complication,” and it eventually left him with cerebral palsy.

Zou faced two choices. One was to give up on her child, the other was to keep him and he’d either grew up as disabled or with low intelligence.

Even her husband believed the child would only be a burden to the family. Zou, however, was determined to keep the child and nurture him. The couple then divorced and Zou was left alone to raise Ding.

Zou Hongyan nurses Ding Ding at home. (scmp.com)

In order to cover living expenses, the single mother had to work several jobs—including a full-time position at a Wuhan college, along with part-time jobs as a protocol trainer and insurance agent. 

To help her son overcome numerous obstacles, Zou did everything that she could, taking him to rehabilitation sessions to learn massage basics to help his stiff muscles. The devoted mother also spent time playing puzzles and intelligence-boosting games with her child.

Zuo played a large role in her son’s education as well as rehabilitation. (scmp.com)

“I didn’t want him to feel ashamed about these physical problems. Because he had inferior abilities in many areas, I was quite strict with him to work hard and to catch up where he had difficulties,” she said.

And finally, thanks to his mother’s dedication and hard work, Ding graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Peking University’s Environmental Science and Engineering School in 2011. More recently, he is a Harvard Law student. 

This is what a mom is supposed to do. Give all of herself to her child. There’s nothing greater in this world than a mother’s love. Zou is such a heroine to inspire many!

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