When one becomes a mom, everything changes. Responsibilities shift and your children become top priority. Most moms never leave their children in harm’s way or unattended where harm could occur.


This mom doesn’t seem to be like most moms.

According to the Inside Edition, Erin Lee Macke has now received the title of “America’s Worst Mom”. This is because she made a terrible decision. She decided to take some time off work and take a vacation, without her children. She was gone for 8 days. During this time, Erin left behind four children in the home with a gun while she took holiday in Europe.

In September 2017, the Johnston Police Department in Iowa received a call reporting that the children were left at home alone while their mother was on vacation. The police went out to do a check and were shocked to find out that it was really true.

On arrival, they were informed that the mom had left for Europe just the day before and wouldn’t be back for 12 days. This wasn’t sufficient care for the children as they were too young to care for themselves. The children consisted of a set of twins at 12 years old and also girls at 6 and 7-years-old.

And, the mom made matters worse by posting trip photos and updates on her Instagram. She wasn’t at all afraid to post what fun she was having while at the Wallhalla Memorial located in Bavaria and other places she had visited. Police didn’t hesitate to contact Macke.

She was told that she needed to return home to care for her children as soon as she could. But, Macke didn’t think she had done anything wrong and that the kids would be just fine.

Lynn Aswegan from the Johnston Police Department spoke of how Macke wasn’t concerned and didn’t seem to agree with him about the children’s care. She seemed to think she could handle things through family members. Although Macke was told to return immediately, she didn’t make a return flight for 7 more days.

According to FOX news, she was arrested on the spot upon her return and received 4 counts associated with child endangerment. She was also charged with transfer of pistol to an individual who is under the age of 21, although the charge was later dropped as part of a deal.

The twins have been placed with extended family and the two younger girls are living with their father, Matthew, who is Macke’s former husband. The charge for child endangerment is up to 8 years but the judge only sentenced her to two years’ probation.

Since she was arrested, she hasn’t been able to visit with her children and won’t be able to until she goes through counseling.

Have you ever heard of anything like this before? I couldn’t ever leave my children like that! Let us know what you think about this story in the comments. Be sure and send this on to others. I’m sure they will be as just as shocked as you are!

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