A 90-year-old widower Pete who ate lunch in the same pub every day, was surprised to hear that strangers had left a £700 paycheck to keep him going for months. Pub owner Tim Mepham, 39, was close to Pete, whose wife died 11 years ago, and decided to post a video of him on TikTok. The clip had garnered hundreds of thousands of views, with commenters asking how they could fund the OAP meal. A heartwarming video showed the host at the Moulsham Inn telling Pete strangers had bought him 90 glasses of wine and a week’s worth of lunches.

“People bought Pete drinks because they just thought he was a nice guy. He isn’t in need, or poor and people didn’t pity him, they just loved him,” said Mepham.

Pete, a war veteran, according to Mepham, has stories for people of all ages, and he can imitate well-known cartoon characters. “He has stories for all ages. He does impressions of cartoon characters that kids love. He can make you laugh and make cry in one story.”

Mephan said, “When my son-in-law worked locally, he typically had lunch with him, but if Pete was alone, I would sit with him until his lunch arrived, and if I was not present, one of the My team members would. Pete was a big fan of talking about his late wife, who died eleven years ago. The elderly, the vulnerable, and even the youth are all at risk. Loneliness affects many people in different ways, and after the year we’ve all had, I believe it’s critical to reach out to these folks.”

He stated that Pete’s story exemplifies the goodwill of strangers. Pete has begged people to refrain from purchasing his food and drink for the time being since he believed many other people needed our help. Tim, dubbed ‘The Pub Man’ on the internet, was hosting a ‘Meet and Greet Lunchtime’ at his facility, where loners could interact with the help of Pete.

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