Lyette Reback grew up as an only child. She never babysat for neighbors after school and never changed a dirty diaper.

But deep down, despite her lack of experience, Reback always knew she was meant to have her own big family.

Reback met her husband David at the age of 19. They were married only 10 days later. Two years later, Lyette was pregnant with her first child, a daughter. The rest of it is history.

The hardworking couple went on to have six boys and nine more girls: eleven biological and four who they adopted.

This means that Reback has spent 10 years of her life pregnant, gaining and shedding a total of 600 pounds in baby weight and going through labor—without a single C-section—a dozen times.

Reback’s friends would call her insane. Strangers would scoff at the idea of raising so many children. We’re talking about 88 separate sports activities a week after all, 42 loads a week of laundry, $650 for a week’s groceries, including 12 gallons of milk, 100 eggs, 40 pounds of chicken, and 50 pounds of potatoes.

Oh, Reback home-schools all her children from their three-bedroom home.

But Lyette and David say that they were meant to be parents to so many children … and their family was not finished growing.

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