On Oct. 22, 10-year-old Evan from Missouri was “was just so excited” about the school’s Halloween party. He was all dressed up as his favourite super hero, make up included.

However, other students on the school bus later said ‘You look stupid’, when they saw his Tony Stark Halloween costume.

Eventually, with his mother’s encouragement, Evan showed his superhero strength by making a triumphant return. And surprisingly, everyone said his costume looked fantastic.

Mother Jill Struckman captured the entire event, including her son Evan’s reaction to show her feelings in a chain of Facebook posts that have since gone viral.

According to Struckman, the entire incident demonstrates Evan’s resilience and bravery.

“He’s just brave,” Struckman said. “I’m proud of him for going back.”

After the incident on the bus, Evan wiped off all of his Tony Stark makeup and went to the school’s office to request that his mother picked him up, which Struckman did.

“They told me that they had him sitting there and he was really, really upset,” the mother recalled.

“I said, ‘Well, you did look awesome. You did look awesome, you know you looked awesome. So you’re letting the words of just a few people, you’re letting that define you?’”, Struckman went on to say.

Eventually, Evan showed that he wanted to go back to the Halloween party.

“So we jetted back home and did his makeup within five minutes, just did it real quick, and we were back at school, I mean, within an hour, we were back at school,” said Struckman.

Evan had “a good day,” though he was still “a little scared,” said his mother.

“He said everyone said his costume looked awesome,” she went on to say.

The story began when Evan was bullied on the bus because of his costume.

“He said they told him, ‘You look stupid’ and that ‘everyone is going to think you look stupid’ and everyone was going to make fun of him,” Struckman said according to Fox News.

Struckman also revealed that her son Evan dressed up as Tony Stark for his school’s Halloween event, citing the fact that Tony Stark is a “snazzy” superhero.

“Evan loves getting dressed up—and he was especially excited that day,” Struckman said as TODAY reported. “It was hard to get his makeup on straight because he was smiling so much.”

“He’s a kid who has always put himself out there,” Struckman shared.

“He gets looks and whatever, but for the most part, it’s positive. It’s just never an issue.” the mother went on to say.

Hundreds of thousands of people have shared Struckman’s Facebook posts on what happened to Evan. He now has worldwide followers.

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