A mother was pulled over and given three fines by a Mississippi highway patrol soldier while carrying her son.

Niya Sumter, from Atlanta County, thought it was regrettable that she had committed a traffic violation and received fine tickets. However, the unfortunate incident seemed to bring unexpected gifts for both Sumter and her son.

When Sumter committed a traffic offense, Bradley Sanders, a highway patrol trooper, was on normal duty. As he pulled over Sumter and handed her three tickets, he happened to notice her son, Kaemon, buckled up in the adult car seat belt. That car seat, however, was not for a baby. It was too big for him, and Kaemon tried to get out of it while Sumer talked to his mother.

When he got back into his cruiser to record the citations, he got a call from his wife that compelled him to do what he thought was right.

After handing the tickets to Sumter, Sanders said: “Follow me. Let’s go buy your baby a car seat.” And he asked Sumter to follow him to Walmart to buy a new one.

Sumter was amazed by the trooper’s compassion towards her. She was astonished by the offer, and she had not expected such kindness. Soon after, she posted this astonishing story on her Facebook page.

“Can I say how good God is?” Niya Sumter wrote.

When asked what led to his actions, Sanders told: “He was buckled in, but he wasn’t in the proper car seat and he was able to freely move around.”

Sumter had no problems about being stopped. She accepted the tickets, and she respected Sanders’s nice act for her boy.

When Sanders led Kaemon into a Walmart with a trolley, she took a commemorative photo. With the new car seat behind him, the boy’s expression appeared exceedingly happy and excited.

Good deeds and examples like Sanders are always needed. Sanders inspired many people who learned about the incident. He has always believed that there are many people just like him out there and he always tries to help others.

“Overwhelmingly, there are great cops out there. Are there a few bad apples out there? I am sure. But most of us got into this profession to help people, as I did myself,” Sanders said. He further said that he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and that he wanted to help them.

To make the world a better place, we need more individuals like Sanders.

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