While diving in the water, a Michigan lady discovered a bottle with a 95-year-old note inside and contacted the author’s daughter via social media.

A 45-year-old boat captain from Cheboygan, Jennifer Dowker, found “a message inside a bottle” on the riverbed while cleaning her glass-bottomed boat on June 18.

Initially, mother-of-three Dowker, who is the owner of Nautical North Family Adventures, had been looking for something to pique the interest of her diving learner Walter.

“I like to scuba dive the river and find old artifacts. I have a good time doing that. I thought, ‘I should find something interesting to keep his interest in scuba diving peaked,'” Dowker explained.

“It was kind of like ‘Holy Smokes! We’ve got a message in a bottle here. Cool!'” she said of her discovery according to SBLY Shareably.

Part of the cork is still inside the bottle that the water had 2/3 filled. As a result, the note had begun to deteriorate.

“Will the person who finds this bottle return this paper to George Morrow, Cheboygan, Michigan, and tell where it was found? November 1926,” wrote the message.

The note inside the bottle found by captain Jennifer Dowker from Cheboygan, Michigan on Sept. 22, 2021. (Inside Edition/Screenshot via TheBl/Youtube)

Dowker handled the note with extreme caution after understanding it was nearly a century old, placing it in the freezer where it became drier.

After she shared images of the note on her company’s social media account, her post has received over 98,000 shares and 5,900 comments from stunned readers.

“One of the people messaging me gave me a phone number for a lady, but on my way home, the lady called me,” Dowker recalled. “She said “I’m 100% sure this is my dad”. He’s dead now, he died in 1995 and she’s in her seventies.”

“She said he was born on Nov. 15, so she figured he had dropped it in the water near his 18th birthday”, the captain went on to say according to Daily Mail.

“That’s what’s so weird about this. It was like winning the lottery in my mind … to have the response it’s gotten on social media has knocked my socks off. We can tell the story to our clients and inspire them when they go on their own scuba dives,” Dowker said.

Meanwhile, Morrow’s daughter, Michele Primeau, 74, of Detroit, stated she recognized her father’s note right after seeing it.

Even though the message was written years before she was born, she recognized her father’s handwriting.

“I can’t believe all this. It was interesting because it was Father’s Day that weekend and it brought back lots of memories about him. I knew immediately it was my dad,” said Primeau.

A flood of pleasant memories followed the note.

“He was very sentimental and did things like that. I remember one time when we were camping, he did that in one of our great lakes here, Lake Keiran,” daughter Primeau recalled of her late father. “To see his handwriting after all this time was quite moving.”

Primeau wanted Dowker to keep the note though it belonged to her father. It was enough for her to keep Morrow’s name alive.

“His name will live on if Jennifer has it and displays all this, as opposed to me having it in my home. She was very kind. I’m meeting her in September, we’re going up to northern Michigan. She said I have a lifetime of free tours on her boat.”

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