This pitbull won’t stop smiling when she finally discovers her loving family. A little love goes a long way.

Her grin tells it all how happy she is living in her happy ending with 35-year-old Amy Matsushima after straying on the streets of Fresno, California. It is a different picture to how she previously was, suffering from extreme mange and a hernia, and smelling of rotting flesh.

The photo below shows the face that Shortcake treats her owner to ever since she found her pack. 

Photo of Shortcake, the smiling dog, uploaded on December 9, 2020. (@theladyshortcake/Instagram)

‘She’s very silly, full of sounds and playful when she’s not sleeping but even then she smiles. She really does smile most of the time,” Amy told the Daily Mail

She added that Shortcake’s time of street wandering ended when the Fresno Bully Rescue noticed her. 

“Fresno Bully Rescue didn’t have space at the time but there was something about her picture that they couldn’t say no to, so they pulled her into the rescue,” said Amy. 

Amy told the outlet that she knew Shortcake was the one she had to take into her home when she saw her picture after surfing around shelters and rescues online. 

“I made plans to meet her and drove up to Fresno from LA. Upon meeting her she was small but full of personality, and I knew she was the one.”

The pitbull was in a shocking condition when they rescued her, but thanks to the love of the rescue team and her adopters, she didn’t take long to pull through.

“She wasn’t in the best shape as everyone that met her back then said that she smelled like rotting flesh due to her mange, but with the care of the rescue and her amazing foster family she recovered quickly,” said Amy.

According to Amy, Shortcake will soon welcome a new member into her pack as she moves to a bigger place in Los Angeles, CA.

Photo of Shortcake, the smiling dog, January 11, 2021 (@theladyshortcake/flickr)

Amy created an Instagram fan page for Shortcake. Aside from giving Fresno Bully Rescue updates of Shortcake, she also wants to encourage others to try looking at rescue centers if they are searching to find the company of paws. 

“It’s been great that she’s been able to bring joy to others, and to help spread awareness of the awesome dogs that can be found at your local shelter and rescue.”

Shortcake’s non-stop smiling is just irresistible. Her page on Instagram has now attracted 191,000 followers! 


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