Saying goodbye to anyone is not an easy task, particularly with your friends, and family members who used to associate closely with us. 

The goodbye even appears harder when it’s time to say farewell words to someone you will never have a chance to catch up with again. As a result, at funerals, people experience more tears than smiles.

Shay Bradley, a former Irish Defence Forces Veteran, who had endured a long-term illness before passing away in October 2019, wants others to memorize him but in a completely different manner. He expects his goodbye at the funeral to be a happy one, as Shareably reported.

The man was buried in Kilmanagh, Leinster, Ireland, after his death. Like any typical funeral, mourners were standing surrounding his grave in a solemn ceremony.

They shed tears, stayed speechless, thinking of Bradley. Then a man’s voice suddenly came up, breaking the quiet and sad environment, and of course, surprising mourners.

The mourners soon realized the voice from under the ground, was familiar. It’s Bradley, from “beyond” shouting: “Hello, hello. Let me out.”, as Shareably reported.

He was trying to make the audience “want” to believe that he’s still alive right here, struggling inside, seemingly knocking from inside the casket, pleading to be rescued. He kept on, asking question by question without pausing, “Where on earth am I? Let me out, let me out. It’s badly dark in here. Is that the priest I can hear? This is Shay, I’m in the box. Not right in front of you. I’m dead.”

The mourners were confused at first before giggling at his humorous voice. Who could predict Bradley’s active involvement in his own funeral or imagine Bradley being that optimistic in the last days of his life.

Bradley was not finished yet, he raised his voice, singing, “Hello again, hello, hello, I just called to say goodbye.”

His hilarious joke stopped the tears from falling then waves of laughter came. His family could no longer hold back and burst into laughter.

On Twitter, his daughter Andrea said that his father would probably want to know how many people laughed at his recording and remember him as a fantastic character. 

She added: “It was his dying wish that we played this at his funeral. What a man, to make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad. He was some man for one man. Love you forever Poppabear.”

Bradley’s last prank then went viral, but he could never imagine getting so well-known after his death.

On the viral video shared on Facebook, The Irish Defence Forces Veteran’s News expresses their heartbreaking message: “It is with great sadness that I was informed of the passing out of our Military Brother and Veteran Colleague Shay Bradley. On behalf of the members of the IDFVA, I extend our sincerest condolences and prayers to Anne and his family at this sad time. May Shay rest in peace.”

In another separate post, they tell how humourous the clip was, referring to the difference between humor and civilian humor, implying how humorous his former teammate was. They did not forget to mention Bradley’s funeral, “This is the funeral of Shay Bradley on the 12th. of October 2019, and it says it all…,” as a way to memorize him.

Thinking about others even in a dire situation, fighting with the disease, Bradley appears truly selfless and kind-hearted in others’ eyes.

Rather than tears, Bradley wants to receive laughing from his family and beloved friends. His pass away may be a big loss for his friends & family; they have to learn to get acquainted with life without him.

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