Going back in time and looking at photos of your lifelong best kitty and seeing how much they’ve grown over the years is a lot of fun. However, if you live with them, it happens so slowly that you don’t even notice the changes.

Below are some of the most beautiful “before and after” photos of cats from the time they were kittens to the present day.

Photos of cats growing up, Sept. 6, 2020. (Newzmagazine.com Screenshot via TheBL/Youtube)

A clumsy kitten with a tear duct problem, then a year later, her tearducts have cleared up, and she’s developed into a lovely feline.

Some kittens become well-groomed felines when they are mature though appear untidy at first.

A small kitten has evidently grown up and is having a horrible hair day. Her style has a lightness to it.

One of the kittens seemed to be in a gloomy mood. In the photo, he is still as cute as a giant fluff ball. However, he appears to be in a good mood and lovely now.

Princess, the young girl in the above photo, can proudly say that she has had a cat as a best friend since she was a child. The girl is now 17 years old, and her cat, Gogo, is not far behind. After 15 years together, it is clear how connected they have stayed.

Photo of kittens and as fully grown cats on Sept. 6, 2020. (Newzmagazine.com/Screenshot via TheBL/Youtube)

Some kittens look like cuddly toys, all snuggled up in their little sleeping bags. Even after all these years, they appear to be content in their tiny beds, but the owner should consider upgrading them to larger beds.

Another cat had a lot of fur when he was a kitten, but he has even more as an adult.

In just 365 days, Tommy—the grey cat in the photo above—has grown significantly. And his eyes, too, are more conscious of things now; he peers directly into the camera. It’s a terrific to see how much bigger he has gotten. He is, nevertheless, still as cute as ever.

It is clear to see that Toby, who looks like a white tiger in the above photo, has matured. Looking at him now and remembering how naive and trusting he used to be. Toby has a solemn, contemplative, and imperious expression on his face. He’s grown up in years.

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