A couple from Ohio proved that love could withstand the test of time when they married 63 years after graduating from high school.

Annette met Bob Harvey when she went to live with her relatives while finishing high school since it was believed that she could obtain a better education in Woodbridge.

In 1956, at a dance at Gar-Field High School in Woodbridge, Virginia, Bob Harvey and Annette met.

“When she came into the study hall, and I saw her for the very first time, she was the most beautiful woman—which she still is today—that I have ever seen in my life,” Harvey said according to Spotlight.

Harvey led the way as Annette trembled for not knowing how to dance, she acknowledged.

For the rest of his life, Harvey would never forget his first dance with Annette.

The two started their regular dating following that event.

Annette and her family later headed to Florida for a summer vacation.

She met another young man at Miami Beach, her future husband, John Callahan. They got married in 1961.

When she returned, Annette said to Harvey, “Bob, I found someone else and I don’t want to date you anymore.” Then, she paused as she remembered the events of that day, “I regret the harshness.”

Harvey remembered that heartbreaking day, “Nice guy I am, the Southern gentleman, I said, ‘All right.”‘ as she announced her decision. Then he walked away.

After graduating from high school, the couple never saw each other again once Annette returned to her home in Pikeville, Kentucky.

Harvey later met Diane, the lady he would marry, in 1959, raising a family and having a lovely marriage.

The Harveys had two children, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Annette Callahan’s husband died in January 2015, and Harvey’s wife died of cancer in 2017.

The Callahans parented four children, eleven grandchildren followed, and they had one great-grandchild.

Love never dies

Callahan, his high school girlfriend, sprang to mind once more.

“A couple of months ago, she was heavy on my mind. I googled her,” Harvey said according to USA Today. After reading John’s obituary, Harvey discovered Annette had also been a widow for more than four years.

“Dear Annette, life is a journey of sweetness and sorrow, of yesterday’s memories, of hopes for tomorrow,” he wrote on a condolence card that was sent to Callahan, including his phone number.

Callahan called him eight days later. She said that she had been looking for him for a few years.

“When I said, ‘Bob, this is Annette,’ he just choked up,'” said Callahan. “and I said, ‘I know it’s surprising that I’m calling you,’ or something, and finally he got his voice and could talk to me.’”

Harvey took 12 hours to drive from his Virginia home to Callahan’s Ohio house the next day to bring flowers to her.

A month later, they got engaged and had a happy wedding in Oct. 2019.

“We both feel the Lord is instrumental in getting us back together,” Harvey said.

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