You undoubtedly recall how excited you were every year for Christmas and the festive magic that Santa would always bring to your house.

What makes Christmas so magical. Is it the Christmas tree, the lights, the gathering of family members, or the spirit of giving?

Shopping is a necessary part of the Christmas preparations. Children find it ten times more fascinating than adults, and they approach Christmas shopping with a particular passion.

The story takes place one day in 2015 when a little girl went shopping. She was startled to see Santa browsing the aisles! At least, that’s what she assumed!

Christmas Gift in 2020
(Bianca Andress/Screenshot via The BL/Youtube)

She was looking forward to seeing what presents Santa would bring her this year. So she approached the tall guy with the grey beard, mistaking him for Santa Clause, and asked what he bought her for Christmas.

“Santa? I’ve been told a lot worse,” the man said as he knelt and faced the little girl. “Have you been a good girl this year?” he asked her, upon which she showed him her nails!

It was a lovely and uplifting scene that transpired. The man, who had assumed the role of Santa, asked the girl if she was getting ready for Christmas, which she undoubtedly was!

Santa, she believed, arrived directly from the North Pole, accompanied by Rudolf and his raindeers, and was not some random stranger she encountered at the grocery! But, of course, Santa was happy to comply, and they soon began discussing what she would like to leave for Santa and Rudolf!

Santa Claus in 2021
(Santatelevision/Screenshot via TheBL/Youtube)

‘Can I eat all of them?’ Santa inquired, anticipating the cookies the girl had promised to make for him.

She was astute enough to inform Santa that raindeers consume grass. Santa then told his young companion that grass is scarce in the North Pole. After exchanging pleasantries, Santa returned to his arduous task of creating presents with his innumerable Christmas elves, far up in the North Pole!

For the time being, she and Santa would have to part ways until Christmas Eve, when Santa would visit her and fulfill her wishes, reported Spotlight stories.

After a year highlighted by the epidemic and worldwide lockdowns, we’re looking forward to Christmas this year. Hopefully, the coming year will be better, and we will no longer be concerned about social isolation.

People worldwide will gather in their homes to celebrate Christmas and be reminded of the importance of giving and getting together, and sharing joy.

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