Now that the Christmas Season is around the corner, we start hearing stories full of kindness and generosity that renew our wish to help others and be nice.

The lives of parents and 12 children have changed since they got help from secret Santa in 2020.

Misty and Ben Ashley from Idaho are so passionate about children that they have 12 children ranging in age from one to seventeen, many of them adopted.

It is not simple to raise a family of 12. It is also challenging to carry them all when they go out.

As a result, Misty and Ben both put in a lot of effort to make a livelihood. They do, however, maintain a good attitude at all times.

Each year, Secret Santa donates thousands of dollars on his own, without the help of any program, organization, company or trust.

Secret Santa has partnered with East Idaho News to provide some much-needed relief to this 12-children family.

“Secret Santa has a big gift for this next family and when I say big, I mean big,” the news agency’s Nate Eaton said in the video as he was going to meet the big family.

A $10,000 gift certificate was presented to the extended family so that they could purchase much-needed furniture.

That is not all they get, though. An excellent new 15-seat vehicle was waiting for the family at the door.

“Thank you,” Ben said chokingly, unable to hold back the tears.

The children joyfully boarded the vehicle. They are relieved to learn that this time the whole family will be able to travel together.

“We couldn’t have found a more deserving family,” Eaton told the gleeful family, as Inside Edition reported.

A few years ago, the Ashleys bought a huge truck from a scrapyard.

Since then, it has been damaged and left in the driveway for months.

With over 1.2 million views, it became a viral video. Internet users have left comments such as these:

“Keep your eyes on the dad. Oh Lord he’s an angel. This had me bawling like hungry newborn,” said one user.

“What a beautiful family, what an honor to been able to give them so much love! God bless you secret Santa! Your a very awesome soul!” said another one.

The legend of Santa Claus is nothing more than a fairy tale. But that does not hinder the possibility of making him real, according to SBLY Spotlight.

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