An Indiana man who biked several miles to and from work every day had a pretty happy ending.

Frank West, whose kindness went viral after he helped an elderly woman across the street a few weeks ago, biked from home on the south end of Evansville in order to arrive at Hacienda on N. First Avenue every day.

The Naas family has raised money to buy him a car for Christmas through a social media group since they caught his kind act on camera, the 14 News reported.

“Its Franks generosity and caring spirit that brought him to bring someone across the street, and Santa’s been watching all year,” said Mike Naas, who dressed as Santa for this special surprise. “And he’s been on the nice list.”

Frank and his wife Melissa said this gift is a blessing.

“We’ve been through a rough year. And it really reminds you there are still good people, and it’s just very rewarding to know people are out there and care,” Melissa told 14 News.

According to the 14 News, Frank scheduled to work this week. He will be riding his bike until he can get his new car situated.

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