A life-changing gift came at a time when the Crows needed it the most.

Brad Crow was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called osteosarcoma when he was 14. Beginning at an early age, he endured grueling rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Crow also had a bone in his leg removed and replaced.

Last summer, Crow and his wife Erica decided they would build their dream home for themselves and their two adopted children. Unfortunately, disaster struck when Brad fractured his leg in the early stages of the project. The injury worsened to the point he needed surgery to replace the bone.

The surgery was considered a success until Crow developed a staph infection and nearly died.

“I almost died a few times, it was pretty scary,” Crow told East Idaho News. This spring, Crow had to have his leg amputated.

Crow’s hip bones had begun to deteriorate and he had a hip replacement shortly after the amputation.

As a result of the medical complications and recovery time, Brad had to stop working for over a year, leaving the family in financial hardship despite Erica’s continued career as a school bus driver. Their plans for their dream home were put on hold.

It was Erica’s sister who nominated the Crows to benefit from a gift from the community Secret Santa. Secret Santa is a real person who wants to remain anonymous and wants to give money away to needy families in the area.

Secret Santa asks journalists from East Idaho News to deliver all the money and gifts to deserving people and families every day in December until Christmas.

Erica was moved to tears as she opened her family’s gift: health insurance for a year and $50,000 to help with building their new home.

Throughout all the hardship, the Crows said their positive attitude and faith in God helped them continue fighting as a family.

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