Blaise Barnett, a 1-year-old infant kidnapped in a stolen car early Wednesday morning, Nov 10, has been found safe and sound.

Around 1 a.m., Blaise Barnett was last seen inside his family’s gray 2002 Ford Explorer while the others were unloading groceries at 1000 Montreal Road; he was just sleeping inside the SUV.

Just 30 seconds later, Donna Bray, the boy’s mother, says the SUV was taken.

The SUV was located on Memorial College Avenue on Wednesday afternoon about a mile and a half from where the youngster lived.

The newborn was discovered at a Clarkston residence. Photographers from Channel 2 Action News were on the scene as GBI detectives removed a youngster from a residence, wrapped in a blanket.

Blaise was covered in a blanket and wearing a black shirt with blue dinosaurs at the time of his abduction. He was dressed in a diaper but lacked trousers.

Residents are encouraged to keep a watch out for Blaise and/or the car, as his family believes he may still be inside.

Deonna Bray, Blaise’s mother, said her family is “not holding up too good” as the hunt continues. Despite the terrifying circumstances, Deonna had a message for the person who abducted her child.

“If he’s cold, just keep him warm. I know he’s crying right now. Don’t get upset at the crying. He’s just a baby. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He doesn’t know who you are. Don’t get irritated. I beg you.”

Blaise’s great aunt, Shonetine Miller, is hopeful that Blaise will be dropped off in a secure area. Additionally, she stated that the family will not pursue charges as long as he is sent home.

Blaise was found by a woman in her car parked on her driveway.

Update: Blaise Barnett was found safe on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 11, at a home on Rogers Street, according to the police. “The baby was found in a car in the driveway. She left her home and found the baby in the car,” Sgt. Dustin Belcher, of the Clarkston Police Department reported.

Talitha Mowrey, a neighbour, told the outlet: “I’m just excited. I can’t stop crying. We’ve all been looking and praying that this baby was all right. Thank God. Really, the Lord had his hand in this. I’m so relieved. I can’t wait for the baby to get back home to mama.”

“I’m not chastising the parents. I know they’ve been sick, as we all have‚ but you cannot leave your keys in the car for a second … that’s just the world we live in now,” Mowrey added, “So I hope everybody takes heed to that. But I wanted to be clear, I’m happy and delighted for the parents that the baby is back.”

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