Losing someone you care about is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as we make it. For many people, the finest methods to commemorate and remember someone’s life are via comedy and joy. Be sorrowful, but remember them in the most positive way imaginable.

Even in death, a Canadian mother of five and grandma of 13 has managed to keep her family laughing—and she’s also managed to make thousands of strangers laugh on the internet.

Sybil Marie Hicks (née Lyons) died on Feb. 2 at the age of 82, but not before co-authoring an obituary with two of her children.

Her obituary, was far from the somber, solemn event most people anticipate from a death notice: She lovingly refers to her husband as a “horse’s a**,” lists the children she “tolerated” through the years, and jokes about the “smoking hot” body she received as a result of cremation.

Sybil Marie Hicks was born in Baysville, Ontario, and she is unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon, despite the fact that she was not well-known prior to her death.

Her family chose to write a first-person obituary to commemorate her life and publish it in The Hamilton Spectator when she passed away.

The paper was issued on Feb. 5, and it was immediately embraced by the public. Although it wasn’t the heartfelt obituary one may expect, it was a decent reflection of who she was. Her children chose to make the closing words of her obituary humorous because she was known for laughing and for making people laugh!

“Mom was never boring. Mom lived large. She would do anything for anyone. It was rare for Mom not to have a smile on her face. Mom was always ready for a laugh,” said Barb Drummond.

The first few sentences set the tone for the rest of the story.

They added, “It hurts me to admit it, but I, Mrs. Ron Hicks from Baysville, have passed away,” adding “I leave behind my loving husband, Ron Hicks, whom I often affectionately referred to as a ‘Horse’s Ass.’”

After finishing her attack on her husband, “she” decided to move in on her children.

“I also left behind my children whom I tolerated over the years; Bob (with Carol) my oldest son and also my favourite. Then went on to say, “Brian (with Ginette) who was the Oreo cookie favourite, Brenda AKA ‘Hazel’ who would run to clean the bathrooms when she heard company was coming.” Then “Barbara (with Gordon) the ever Miss Perfect and finally Baby Bruce who wouldn’t eat homemade turkey soup because he didn’t want to be alert looking for bones while he ate.”

They really dug in with some of these roasts, if you can’t tell! It was apparent that when they posted this on Twitter, it went viral.

Some of the closing lines were very well received.

“I finally have the smoking hot body I have always wanted … having been cremated. Please come say goodbye and celebrate my wonderful life with my husband and his special friend Dorothy who is now lovingly taking care of my horse’s ass.”

That was the best way to end the whole thing. Being incinerated in a smoky body felt like the perfect way to end the entire ordeal.

One of her children, Brian Hicks, knew he didn’t want her last memory to be dull.

“We just thought that when she passed, we really didn’t want to have this sort of boilerplate template obituary,” says the family, according to CBC News.

They appear to have achieved their aim, based on how nicely everything was accepted.

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