Thanks to the loving caretakers at Iowa St. Croix Hospice, a woman in her late 90s finally sported a wedding gown for the first time in her life.

Mrs. Frankie King, 97, and her husband, Mr. Royce King, 98, have been married for 77 years. They have two children, four grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren, CBS News reported.

Yet, for all their years together, they never had any wedding photos to share with their offspring except for their dating pictures.

In 1944, they rushed for a wedding after being engaged for six months as Mr. Royce was suddenly called to serve his country during World War II.

With only a few days left before leaving his fiancee, Royce tied the knot with Frankie in their hometown Oelwein. They skipped finding a wedding dress and a photographer for their special moment.

Then, on Sept. 16 this year, a nurse knew what she must do when Frankie revealed to her about their humble ceremony when she asked to see their wedding pictures.

The nurse and other employees at St. Croix Hospice prepared them a wedding redo in almost a week. 

On Sept. 24, Frankie, in a 1940s era bride gown, was walked down the aisle with Mr. Royce in his original Air Force uniform blindfolded.

“He had just the biggest smile the rest of the day. It was amazing,” said their daughter Sue Bilodeau of her father when he saw his bride. Bilodeau was lucky to be visiting her parents at the time and hence did not miss the event. 

The pair shared their special moment under the 40s theme music. 

“I couldn’t stop smiling, and I couldn’t stop being so happy for both of them, especially mom in her wedding gown looking so beautiful,” Bilodeau told the news agency. 

Hilary Nichole, a full-time employee for St. Croix Hospice with a photographer side job, was more than honored to help the couple take their wedding photos.

“Absolutely no shame in the fact that I had a hard time keeping it together behind the lens,” Nichole shared on her Facebook page. “… I am passionate about both of my jobs and it made my heart so incredibly full to see them intertwined last week.”

They had been together since high school, Bilodeau said. After all the decades spent together, the ceremony proves they still had that spark for each other.

The key to their long-standing marriage, as Bilodeau told CBS News according to her mom, is “patience.”

“They’ve been through a lot—as anybody does—year after year,” the daughter said. “And through struggles and good times, they’ve managed to find a way to put their love and devotion above everything else to make it work.” 

The King family could not thank St. Croix Hospice enough for giving their service to its finest with care. 

“They were just very excited and honored that St. Croix would do that for them,” Bilodeau said of her parents, as TODAY reported. “They liked to be in the limelight, dad especially, and mom was so happy to put on a gown and be beautiful. I think they were just overwhelmed at the whole day.”

“We can’t thank them enough,” she added.

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