A West Virginian horse loved his recently deceased owner so much that he bid a very special farewell.

Major was caught on camera farewelling his owner with a “last kiss.” A photo that went viral on social media shows the animal’s head leaning above the casket. He seemingly licks the corpse’s head at a funeral service in Buckhannon, 113 miles northeast of Charleston.

“It seemed only fitting to let Major say goodbye, this is Major’s last kiss,” surviving daughter Janna Grapperhaus said on Facebook.

The friendly horse was once a “young and vicious stallion.” Previous owners repeatedly failed to tame the animal no matter how harsh their methods were.

However, Grapperhaus’s father refused to “break” Major, and chose to earn the “abused horse’s trust” instead. His persistence paid off after two years, and he proved skeptical friends and family members wrong.

“My dad never broke him … he earned his heart,” the grieving daughter said according to We Love Animals. “Every single day, for hours and hours dad worked to earn that abused horse’s trust.”

Instead of beating or starving the animal, Grapperhaus’s father showed love and attention.

“When dad would go out Major would kiss him on the head over and over,” Janna said according to the publication. “They had a bond that only horse people could ever understand.”

The Facebook post attracted more than 241,000 likes, 177,000 shares and 100 comments at the time of publication.

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