Coming home from the Vietnam war, George Silvey found himself homeless. The veteran lived on a street corner, holding big cardboard sign to attract people passing by.

“Hi, my name is George. And I’m a retired vet looking for work.”

That was the line 62-year-old George Silvey had said to many people for many years.

“Just basically give out resume in hope for employment. And I’ve been doing it for over six years,” he told ABC10

About one year ago, a woman saw Silvey while pumping gas and offered him money, but he declined and pulled out a résumé instead. 

The résumé ended up posted on a Facebook group called Folsom Chat with the tagline, “We will get you a job. I will make sure of it,” and it went viral in no time. 

In less than a day, someone offered him a job. The boss, Summer Gonzalez, so impressed with his attitude, said, “It practically stopped him in his tracks. He put his shirt right on and got right to work. He’s a great guy.”

Silvey’s so happy to finally be able to say he’s now employed. 

“I’m extremely proud. And I never thought in my wildest dream that it would happen so fast.”

He hopes now he can inspire others who were in his situation. 

“Never give up. Never give up hope. Because it can happen. And it will happen.”

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