A vulnerable Colorado family had a lot to be grateful for, after a friendly neighbor gave them a very special present.

Greeley resident Virginia Finch thought a local homeless family, who lives behind a gas station, should have a more enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Finch and her daughter prepared the meals and delivered them to the family of five who lived in a partially converted bus that had broken down.

Much to their surprise they discovered Olivia, Eric and their children–aged 5 years, 14 months, and 4 weeks–were fighting for survival. They were trapped, and grew increasingly concerned about the looming winter.

“It is scary, it is terrifying, [and] it is not fun you cannot give kids enough food,” Olivia said in a video shared on YouTube.

This is when Finch offered to let the family temporarily stay at their second property for free.

“We were worried with the weather being what it was … [with] them living on the bus,” she can be heard saying. “[We] asked if they wanted to move into our other house.”

The grand gesture was initially met with skepticism.

“I just did not think it was real,” Olivia said. “I thought it was, like a cruel joke almost, because who does that? Nobody does that [these days.]”

However, Finch was true to her word and the homeless family spent the following week collecting food and clothes for the family. The landlord was even kind enough to help furnish the home.

The grateful family called Finch a worldly angel for her tremendous act of generosity, which gave them warmth, safety, and a lovely holiday.

“[It also] restored her faith in humanity,” Olivia said.

Although many people are unable to provide a free home for strangers, there are countless ways to show compassion and help the needy.

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