A southern Californian delivery man was commended for saving a toddler’s life after rescuing him from a busy street at night.

Gerson Tavares did not hesitate to stop work after seeing a toddler run in front of his vehicle along busy Burbank Boulevard, about 16 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Tavares postponed his last meal delivery for the day to collect the 2 year-old who wore just a shirt and diaper. The little boy had crossed at least four lanes of traffic with no island in between.

“I run more and more, I know if I got out of the lane, the drivers do not see the boy,” he said according to CBS Los Angeles.

The delivery man waved down moving traffic. After drivers agreed to stop, he finally moved the toddler to safety in front of a church.

“When the drivers stopped, I … grabbed the boy in my arms,” he said according to the broadcaster. “Thank you, God.”

He believes the child did not notice oncoming vehicles because he was too busy playing a “game tablet, all the time.”

Tavares’s son, Igor, is very proud of his father’s heroic act.

“You were the right guy at the right place, doing the right thing and, for me, what makes me more proud of him was how quick he acted,” he said. “Fast reaction, just the way I expect my dad to react, you know–my hero, I love this guy.”

The father humbly declined to be admired for his courageous and noble act.

“I am not a hero, God is a hero,” Gerson said.

Los Angeles Police Department officers located the children’s guardian and reunited them. The California Department of Child and Family Services is investigating the incident, according to Shareably.

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