A brave grandma recently saved the life of a toddler who fell 15-20 feet from an open window in an apartment building in Russia.

Svetlana Saranova, 64, was going home from the grocery store when she noticed the toddler standing at an open window from a second-story apartment block. Dropping her groceries, she ran to the building just in time to catch the toddler as he fell. Egor Teryokhin, 18 months, owes his life to this quick-thinking grandma.

Egor was believed to be playing with his mother when he managed to escape out the window after she left him alone for a short time to fetch a bottle of water for one of her other children to drink, the DailyMail reports.

Egor’s distraught father rushed down from their apartment, and the relieved parent offered Svetlana 1,000 rubles. However, she refused to accept the money “because this offended me.” Teryokhin thanked her, but in the shock of the moment forgot to get her name. He managed to put the money in Svetlana’s backpack.

Six days later, the lady was recognized, and officials are preparing to honor her for her bravery.

Svetlana’s bravery was captured on CCTV and published by local officials, who are now planning to honor her for her bravery.

“It was only afterwards that my blood pressure rose,” the grandmother-of-one explained.

Teryokhin said that he believed his wife was caring for the youngster when she went to grab a bottle for their second child.

The couple has a four-year-old daughter as well as twins—the boy who fell and his 18-month-old sister.

“I noticed him from afar, standing in the window,” Svetlana explained, “And after that…” I was at a loss for what to do.

“And what would you do? I thought, if I didn’t catch him, he would crash before my eyes, I needed to run and catch, or it would be much worse.”

Although Teryokhin’s wife had gone to buy a bottle for their second kid, Teryokhin assumed that his wife was watching after the youngster. The couple has a 4-year-old daughter and 18-month-old twins, including the boy who fell.

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