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There is something special about having a cat in your life. Not only do you want to keep them healthy by feeding them good food and taking them to the veterinarian when necessary, you also want to ensure that they are happy as well. Keeping the cat happy can be a little bit difficult, especially when you consider their finicky nature. They tend to come across things that are unfamiliar to them and when they make their mind up in one direction, they might not be able to accept anything that is in front of them.

Some cat owners accept this type of situation but others tend to get frustrated because of what happens when they try to do something for their feline friend. All of us probably recognize the fact that cats are going to fall a little bit short of the mark sometimes with their happiness, but the fact that they can make their own decision as to their mood may just bring a lot of happiness into their lives. Regardless of how they react to the situations around them, we love having them around and we do things out of pure love for what they bring to our lives.

One man may have forgotten about the unusual behavior of most cats but he learned his lesson in a very unique way. Philo is his feline and the cat loves to go outdoors. Brian, the owner, decided he would make it easier for his feline friend so he went to pick up a small pet door and he took the day to install it.

This wasn’t a little project. In order to get everything installed properly, it took a few hours. Brian was proud of what he had done so he grabbed the camera and decided to watch what would happen when Philo used the door for the first time.

Like many cats, Philo was not necessarily interested in checking out something new. He did check it out just a little but he wasn’t having any of it. Rather than using the pet door, he decided to use his pawn to open the big door from the outside. At this point, Brian is probably wondering why he spent so much time on this project.

You can watch it happening for yourself right here.


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