A marine predator refused to give up on the hunt despite losing about half of its body mass.

A shark brushed off severe injuries from being half-eaten, and continued to search for food.

The oceanic blacktip was recently trapped and brutally bitten multiple times by bull sharks that each weighed 300 to 400 kilograms (661 to 881 pounds).

The blacktip quickly overcame his plight and severe injuries. He insisted on looking for food.

Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies researcher Mario Lebrato caught the rare moment the shark swam away on camera.

“Sharks eat sharks–that is well known,” he said according to The Sun. “It is super difficult to film and document.”

The video was recorded in the Indian Ocean, off the shore of Mozambique. The blacktip can be seen swimming around and bleeding heavily from losing a significant chunk of flesh. However, the wounds are fatal and the creature dies just 20 minutes after.

Some sharks become tempted to attack others that become trapped in nets and baited hook lines designed to protect swimmers.

“It is not just one rogue shark attacking other sharks, or even one species of shark attacking other sharks,” Australian Institute for Marine Science professor Mark Meekan said according to the publication. “It is lots of different sharks turning on each other.”

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