For each country, the national flag contains many extremely sacred and great meanings. For Americans, the national flag has many important meanings. The American flag became a symbol of independence, freedom, and patriotism.

This was conveyed through three young U.S. citizens Naylan Tuttle, Jack LeBreck, and Casey Dolan in their respect for their country’s flag.

American flag and statue of liberty
(Abstract Relax/Screenshot via TheBL/ YouTube)

The story took place in 2018. On a regular afternoon, Amanda Reallan went to pick up her children at Hayden Meadows Elementary School. She was surprised to witness a rare sight that was extremely touching—a wonderful patriotic display from three fifth graders.

Right in front of her eyes, she saw two male students who had worked so hard to fold the flag so that it did not touch the ground.

It seems that the mismatch between the height of the two boys and the size of the flag caused certain difficulties, there were times when the flag almost scratched the ground.

Notably, another male student jumped into action. Without hesitation, the boy lay down under the flag to make sure it did not touch the ground.

At that moment, Amanda Reallan quickly snapped a picture of the three boys that she considered the greatest act of patriotism and did not forget to spread it on social networks. She also expressed that she would use the story of the three boys to teach her children.

Reallan’s photo has received more than 34,000 shares and 19,000 likes/reactions. There were many international comments written about it.

“Kids have a lot more class and honor than so many adults today,” one commenter wrote.

“Kudos to these kids,” wrote another.

Perhaps, because today’s society is no longer what it used to be, when trust has been forgotten. In fact, many lies have happened in society, some people still doubt this beautiful story and think it is staging. However, Reallan confirmed that the boys had no idea they were being photographed.

Three boys salute the flag in 2018
(Screenshot via TheBL / FOX 5 Atlanta Youtube)

The boys were given a very honorable assignment. Every day at the end of school, they would lower the flag, fold it and make sure it was safely and securely stored.

Jack LeBreck was the boy lying down in the image. When asked about his actions, he said that what he did was out of respect.

“This is our nation’s flag,” he told KHQ-TV. “If you let it touch the ground, it means you disrespect your country.”

The boys’ patriotic actions also showed that they inherited good traditional values in a great education from their teachers and family.

Three boys expressed gratitude for the merits of a person who influenced them. It’s Mr.Mac McCarty, who is a school custodian and a 20-year veteran of the United States Air Force. He was also fortunate to be born into a family that served a long time in the military. His father was a marine.

He is also responsible for assigning who gets to put up and take down the flag on their campus.

McCarty was loved by the children who called him by the affectionate name Mr. Mac. It was he who taught the three boys how to fold and store the national flag properly.

McCarty has expressed how proud he is of the three boys.

The three boys were also the pride of America, their school, and their family.

The lads considered lowering the flag and performing a patriotic gesture to be an honor. They also hoped that what they did would demonstrate how much they value and appreciate their military family members.

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