Allentown, Pennsylvania, is known for sheltering the Liberty Bell from the British during the American Revolutionary War. The municipality also hides something else: four youngsters on a quest to do good deeds in the community.

A camera captured a footage in which four 9th-grader students from William Allen High School walked over to help an elderly man.

According to their parents, these teenagers are kinds of rule-breaking, boundary-pushing ones. Their youth rebellion often raises the question, “what the hell is wrong with this kid?”

But on that day, the rebellious teenagers were not like they used to be. In that situation, they were doing everything perfectly fine.

Jose Cerda, Lashante Smith, Makayla Ward, and another student did not hesitate to jump into action when a stranger requested aid, WFMZ-TV reported.

In the footage, the elder guy walked steadily, but then he appeared to stumble a little bit.

“We saw him walking at a steady pace for a second and then he looked like he was staggering a little bit. He was holding on to things,” Jose Cerda said.

“We went up to him, asked him did he need help. He said yeah,” Lashante Smith said.

The students said they eventually had to sit the man down and wait for an ambulance to come.

A bystander captured the excellent deeds of the teenagers as they helped a stranger on the street.

After the incident, Cerda remarked, “I don’t think this was going to be such a big deal; we just did what anyone should do.”

But the school administrators believe it is significant because it shows how Allentown’s community is changing.

“It makes me proud, it makes the community proud. That’s the way to lift people up, that’s what we are all about,” said William Allen High School Principal Shannon Mayfield.

Fortunately, these teenagers are sure to continue their kind actions in the years ahead, as BBC commented. Adolescent personalities can predict future success in life, forming throughout the formative years. There is no doubt that these four pupils are not lousy actors, but excellent ones.

Since they want to inspire others to help those in need, those four kids have taken their acts.

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