An 8 year-old girl helped an older boy avoid drowning despite not know how to swim.

Record-high July temperatures tempted Cayden Peterson, 12, to stay cool in Scotland’s River Tay. When he began struggling to stay afloat, Tierney Batt did not think twice about coming to his aid. The girl kept Peterson’s head above water until other bystanders came to pull him out.

Relieved mother Kerry Paterson commended Batt for being “incredibly brave, calm and simply amazing.”

“For a young child she did something some adults might not have thought about,” she said according to Newsner. “I cannot express just how grateful I am–things could have been very different if she had not helped him.”

The mother revealed the water was not very deep but her son’s feet could not touch the bottom.

“There was an undercurrent,” she said. “She put herself in a situation of danger too, so I am just so happy they are both okay.”

The girl’s father, Greig Batt, was concerned for her safety and impressed with her quick thinking.

“She cannot swim either,” he said according to the Daily Record. “I guess it was just her adrenaline that kept her going.”

“[The boy’s family] thanked us so much, and Kerry sent me a message on Facebook just saying how grateful they were,” he added.

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