Gena and Scott Doss prayed for a miracle for their 11-year-old. And with divine healing, God turned the tears of the desperation into tears of joy!

Roxli Doss, 11, was admitted for severe health conditions to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed the little girl suffering from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) a rare form of cancer. The unusual condition indicated that Roxli suffered from symptoms such as vision loss and reduced ability to speak or swallow. The worst news—Roxli had just a few years to live.

The brave girl has gone through chemotherapy and other therapies for months. The community rallied behind Roxli and her family over the course of this period, organizing events and fundraisers to help pay for medical expenses. Scott and Gena Doss, her parents, prayed for a miracle.

During an MRI scan of Roxli’s brain, the tumor was completely undetectable.
(Photo: KVUE)

And that’s what happened!

One day, something miraculous happened during a routine scan. The entire tumor had disappeared. It was just gone, and Roxli was completely free of tumors. The doctors were baffled. They didn’t know how that might happen.

But this family of God knows exactly who to thank. They give all the credit for Roxli’s miraculous recovery to God as they fought back the tears.

“Every day we still say it,” said mom Gena. “It’s kind of our family thing that God healed Roxli.”

Now, this 11-year-old has returned to her normal routine of outdoor play and riding horses. While the doctors may not have an answer, we know in our hearts that God reached His healing hand out to this family.

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