Some people do not believe in coincidences. This story will make you feel that we may have a predestined relationship with the people we meet.

Eusebio Phelps, a Henry County preacher, was with his family last October at the local Waffle House. There, he met a pregnant waitress and realized she hadn’t just happened to be in the same place as him. He was sure that their meeting was part of a larger plan.

Bishop Phelps had a son named Samuel, who had gone away seven years before. In fact, he had passed away about this time of year.

Hannah Hill was working at the Stockbridge Waffle House when pregnant with her second kid. Her finances had been a strain recently, but her optimism remained unwavering.

He got the opportunity to speak to the pregnant mother and quickly learned that she was struggling to make ends meet, so he felt compelled to assist her somehow.

After discussing the situation with his wife, he concluded that the best way to assist the woman was to give her all of the money in his wallet. That’s exactly what he was going to do.

That wasn’t all, though. Phelps got the impression that Hill’s and his lives were linked in some manner, but he didn’t know-how.

When he inquired about the name she intended to give her future son, he was taken aback when she said his name would be Samuel.

It was evident why God had brought him over to meet this young mother at this point—he was starting to shift her and her son’s lives forever.

He decided to raise money for Hill and her family after giving it some thought. As a result, he informed his followers of his intentions on Facebook. His initial aim was to collect $1,000, but the community and New Faith Christian Church came together to collect $12,000 for the pregnant girl.

Hannah still had to recieve the surprise that would forever impact her life.

“I was asleep in the car and my mother-in-law called and said ‘You’ve got to get down to the Waffle House now,'” Hannah recalled.

She arrived there and discovered what the stranger whom she served that day had done. She was overwhelmed with emotion and expressed her gratitude to the man and everybody else who had donated money.

“Lately I have been praying just because I’ve been really stressing lately. I’m like, dang I want a place to live before this baby gets here,” Hill said.

Bishop’s assistance, however, did not end there. Hill was also informed that the Church’s childcare, New Faith Early Learning Center, had given her free daycare services for both of her children.

This is a very inspiring story; when we care about others, we can find a way to make others feel happy and be happy ourselves.

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