Neighbors chase a “porch pirate” up and down the street after spotting him stealing a package from a neighbors house—and the grateful homeowner edits CCTV into a hilarious slapstick video.

Around lunchtime in Kenmore, Washington State, a burglar is seen on CCTV approaching a neighbor’s house and pulling his hood up to hide his identity as he stole a delivery. One of Pat Folger’s neighbors, a University of Washington freshman, chased the suspect on foot, according to Kiro7.

According to Folger: “For about ten minutes, we were hot on his tail. There was a lot of back and forth through people’s yards on this street.”

For bringing down the thief, another neighbor characterized the student as the “hero Kenmore needed.”

There were no witnesses, but the guy immediately realized he had entered the wrong neighborhood.

Burglary and fraudulent crimes are likely to increase dramatically as the Christmas season approaches. In the wake of the ongoing crisis, criminals have found a method to profit from the online shopping season.

Porch pirates have affected 64% of Americans, it’s a “low-entry” crime; and has become quite common. There aren’t any criteria for this job. Thieves only have to approach a door, make sure no one is watching, and then snatch any package left by the front door, and take off.

As the winter season comes, more people are purchasing items as presents for loved ones, friends, and even themselves. Purchased packages may be left at front doors for a long time; those are “defenseless” porch packets.

A guy is seen strolling toward a garage in the hastily made footage, which lasts just over a minute. He may assume that the reward is worth the risk after seeing a high-end car parked right outside.

At first glance, he seems just roaming the streets, then seeing the opportunity, covers his head with a hoodie, and quickly grabs the package.

The neighbor’s boy follows the guy right away; soon, another neighbor joins the chase by car. This thief is not going to get off easy, it seems.

It was a tense situation in which everyone involved raced around their area before the young neighbor snagged the thief and dragged him back up the street.

The then-19-year-old neighbor, a wrestler, football athlete, and Eagle Scout, was the one who chased and caught the thief. It’s amazing what happens when you’re at the right place at the right time.

Law enforcement typically advises us not to confront criminals, as God may know if those thugs are armed or part of a larger group. Even if you don’t need the police, you should still call 911 since there is no package worth your life.

What about the thief? It’s good to assume he will no longer be rummaging around to steal other people’s presents during the holidays.

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