Anyone can become Santa Clause in their own ways.

Alex DeJesus, a kind-hearted man in St. Petersburg, Florida, has made many wishes come true when deciding to donate bicycles to children who live in poverty occasionally.

According to WFLA, DeJesus came up with the idea three years ago when he was queuing up at a Walmart store and accidentally caught a St. Petersburg police officer purchasing a bicycle for a child.

Alex offered to pay for the vehicle. Then, he learned that the officer had lent a bike to a kid who could not afford it for school before ending up promising a bike purchase if she kept enrolling for school. 

The surprising encounter has prompted him to buy bikes as gifts, sending them to the police department before spreading his story online. Out of DeJesus’ expectations, he received a huge wave of support in response. 

“Another friend said that, ‘I’ll buy two,’ and now that means I got to buy three,” DeJesus said. “And another person said ‘I’ll buy four’ – and the next thing you know, it just kept going.”

This year, his efforts paid off with over 100 bicycles bought by donating money, leading to an unexpected issue – lacking helmets and locks going along. 

Alex was forced to raise more money to buy these items, but it seemed not a challenge for the enthusiastic man. He managed to call for individual donations through his wife’s social media page. 

Kacy DeJesus, DeJesus’ wife, expressed her delight when partially contributing to the meaningful project. 

“So honored and humbled to be a part of something that means so much to us,” she wrote. “Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Over 100 kids will have a much brighter Christmas!!”

Alex said the receipts’ information would be publicized online when the bike- transported- to-the-police-office process finishes. 

Brittney Keever, DeJesus’s friend and also a man in help, referred to the campaign’s success as a “mission rewarding.” 

“I have a 9-year-old daughter as well, so she loves to be a part of it,” Keever said. “And it’s just great to give back to the community that we’re so involved in and it’s great to see the kids with smiles on their faces when they get the bikes for Christmas.”

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