Firefighter Tory Carlon was senselessly killed just two days before his eldest daughter graduated from high school. Since this teen was to receive her degree without her father’s presence, she wore her firefighter father’s jacket and received an incredible amount of support from his 300 colleagues.

Carlon’s coworkers understood they had to do everything they could to express their sympathy for his daughter, Joslyn Carlon, knowing the suffering she must be through. An email was sent to all of the firemen in Los Angeles County, inviting them to attend Joslyn’s graduation.

The parking area was lined with fire trucks from all across Los Angeles County, along with 300 firefighters who gathered to express their support during the ceremony.

Joslyn wore her firefighting father’s jacket over her robe. As she received her graduation, the young woman was obviously filled with emotion. Capt. Chris Reade of the Fire Department stated that they all canceled their schedules with only one day’s notice to make their presence possible.

“We’re here to make sure that she knows we’re all thinking about her. We found out last night, email goes fast, and we all dropped everything we were doing in our personal lives and came down here to show our support,” Capt. Reade said.

Gary Reichman, an L.A. County firefighter, stated that honoring Joslyn that day meant a lot to him, his coworkers, and his buddies.

Tory Carlon, 44, was shot and murdered at the station in Agua Dulce, a small town of around 3,000 residents in northern Los Angeles County, on Tuesday, June 1. He worked as a firefighter for 20 years.

Jonathan Patrick Tatone, 45, a fellow firefighter, was the gunman who then drove to his own home in Acton, lit it on fire, and killed himself. The two were embroiled in an unspecified work-related feud.

The bullet that killed Carlon also injured a 54-year-old fire captain, who was recovering after treatment.

Carlon was characterized as “truly dedicated, one of our better firefighters, amazing, and a true loss to our department” by L.A. County Fire Chief Daryl Osby.

Lt. Brandon Dean, Carlon’s co-worker, provided some details why Tatone committed the heinous deed. According to Lt. Dean, firefighters did not work the same shift and had disagreements regarding operations and other issues.

“We do believe there was some disagreement over work performance and work-related issues. How long it has been going on we don’t know yet,” Lt. Dean recalled.

Carlon’s left a wife and three daughters after his death. A GoFundMe page was set up for the mourning family, where donations will assist them in getting through this unspeakable sorrow.