A characteristic of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus is that it causes a percentage of deaths similar to that of seasonal flu. However, quarantines and other side effects also plunge many families in the world into mourning.

One such case happened to the family of Brad Hunstable, who, after a year of processing the pain caused by the suicide of his teenage son, due to the confinement to which the regulations of the authorities subjected him, shared his grief as told by People on April 30. 

“He wasn’t a depressed kid. He hated online school; he wasn’t around his friends. He was bored,” Hunstable, 42, said, referring to his teenage son, Hayden, who would have turned 13 four days after his fatal decision.

He added: “Kids make more out of a situation than it is,” noting, “They don’t know the sun is going to come up tomorrow. In that second, you’re overwhelmed with this sense of passion of sorts.”

Hayden, whom his 9 and 17-year-old sisters called Bubba, was a good friend and leader in his sixth-grade class. He also enjoyed soccer, loved to dance, and offered hugs when needed.

But on April 17, 2020, he couldn’t resist the terrible urge and hung himself in his bedroom closet in his Aledo, Texas, home. 

Locked up and unable to go out with his friends because of his quarantine, Hayden spent more and more time playing Fortnite on his Xbox, his parents even bought him a new monitor, and they question whether his breaking it a few days earlier would have influenced his suicide

Just two days after the terrible event, his father was inspired to help other parents who might be suffering from similar events. 

“I just felt like I needed to share my thoughts,” he said and recorded a video about the loss of his son that was viewed online more than 120 million times. 

“COVID killed my son but not how you think.I believe my son would be alive today if he had been in school,” he shared in his video. 

He added: “I don’t want his memory to be the last mistake he made. I want his memory to be that he made a big difference in the world, he lit a flame, a spark around the world.”

So Hunstable and his family founded a nonprofit organization to help educate parents and children about their mental health. There, parents are encouraged to talk about suicide with their children “because not talking about it gets people killed.”

“The stories I get are jaw-dropping. People vent about suicide and how no one talks about it. People sweep it under the rug. So that was the point why maybe we have a platform and maybe this was Hayden’s mission,” his father commented.

On the other hand, the insistence of big pharma to vaccinate all human beings, including adolescents, children, and even babies, against the CCP Virus, even though they know that the risk they run is minimal, is surprising.  

In one of her tweets, the prominent Twitter user @Littleb29872980 presents sources reporting the death of babies and teenagers who received the discredited vaccines, still in the experimental phase.

“Since March people who have been V[x-d.. babies are dying from Covid-19 (its the shedding and protein spike they are around) .. HIDDEN reports many teens dying from V[x…/). Media Silent,” wrote @Littleb29872980.

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