A father with photoshop abilities has designed amusing and distinctive Christmas cards based on his children’s natural hobbies and passion.

Jonathan Stanley and his wife, Jessica, have delighted friends, family, and the Internet with their annual Christmas offering for the past few years. Now, they expect the unconventional Christmas cards from the Stanleys.

According to Jonathan, around 100 copies are printed and distributed. They also post digital copies on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, among other social media channels.

In 2014, Jonathan and Jessica Stanley started their annual photo tradition, and each year they’ve crafted hilarious “disaster” scenes that perfectly reflect the mayhem of Christmas.

The Stanleys have eight humorous Christmas cards to date, all of which demonstrate their ingenuity and family’s development. They started the ritual with their eight-year-old son Jackson and their dog Nala. A few years later, their 6-year-old son Elijah and 2-year-old daughter Evelyn joined in the fun.

“Shortly after we had our first child we set out to take a ‘normal’ Christmas card and the results were spectacularly bad,” Jonathan told Fox News Digital. “Everything that could go wrong, did. Like the baby crying the whole time, wind gusts, camera misfires. If two of us looked okay, the third one blinked or sneezed or something.”

He continued, “We laughed so hard at the results that we ended up just sending a series of the worst outtakes and our family loved it. So it gave us an idea – instead of trying to capture perfect family photos for our Christmas cards, we thought it was more relatable to capture what parenting really felt like.”

The Stanleys constructed a balloon-filled scene this year that the Christmas-inspired flicks “The Polar Express” (2004) and “The Grinch” (2018), as well as the 2009 children’s picture “Up.”

“Basically each year I watch the kids and see what their natural interests or fascinations are, which usually leads to an idea,” Jonathan said. “For example in 2019, they were obsessed with drones and always wanted me to fly them, so that triggered the ‘Fly Like Santa’ idea. In 2020, while stuck at home, they got really into hammers and nails, so that led to the nail gun gag.”

Jonathan went on to say that the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes,” as well as his Photoshop talents as a digital marketer, are frequently used as inspiration for their family Christmas cards, Fox News reported.

“After a few years we decided to post them on the internet to share a little holiday joy with others, and the reaction has been overwhelming,” Jonathan said. “I think it’s important to keep a healthy sense of humor–especially during a pandemic—and if the cards brighten somebody’s day even for a moment then it’s totally worth it. Especially fellow parents, we all feel a little overwhelmed at times, nobody has it all together.”

Leaving comments on their most recent photo on the internet, SoFetchBetch wrote: “This is adorable.”

Isabol22 pointed out: “I love the fact that the father wears the same Christmas sweater every year. Dedicated!”

While TrinixDMorrison added: “This series of Christmas photos, as well as Wanda and Jamal’s thanksgiving photo updates, is what really makes the holidays for me.”

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