Last year, Karen Michel and her husband, Wren, desperately prayed for their son, Jonathan Michel. After getting hit by a chair in the head while goofing off and wrestling, the 39-year-old father of three suffered from paralysis of nearly all of the right side of his body and was at risk of entering a vegetative state.

At East Texas Medical Center in Tyler, Texas, doctors discovered Jonathan had internal bleeding, causing serious damage to 75% of the left side of his brain. His parents did not give up praying for their son, and to their delight, Jonathan showed signs of life. 

First, he woke up from his difficult state. Then, he kept displaying signs he was very aware of his immediate surroundings. From fastening and unfastening his niece’s watch, to closing his eyelids while praying—Jonathan’s behavior certainly suggested he was alert and aware of what’s going on around him.

So, it came as a complete stunning revelation when they got the news that doctors were preparing to remove Jonathan’s life support!

While Karen and Wren were still confused, doctors said they did that after responding to Jonathan’s estranged wife’s call, who left their marriage three years ago. 

“If I’m ever in such a situation, I want to let nature take its course,” the estranged wife said, affirmed that she was doing it for his benefit. 

She also claimed that, while in Jonathan’s hospital room, she asked him if he wanted “all this stuff off of you,” referencing the life support equipment. She said Jonathan moved his left foot to indicate yes.

But Karen said Jonathan’s left foot spontaneously twitches every few minutes. She doesn’t believe for an instant her son gave consent, nor is he in any state to do so.

Upon learning about the news, Jonathan’s devoted dad did what he had to do. He barred the door, blockading his son’s hospital room!

“If you’re going to unplug him, you’ll have to go through me,” the determined father told hospital staff.

The police were called to the scene. But no one was going to get Wren to budge.

“I would give my life for his,” he said. “I would rather die than him.”

Karen and Wren urged Jonathan’s case to go before the Ethics Board. Meanwhile, they reached out on social media to friends, family, and church to pray for the situation. It caught tons of attention online, and many pro-life people and organizations stepped in to help.

His father saved his life.

In the latest update on Karen’s Facebook, Jonathan was seen using equipment to take his first steps. Thanks to his supportive parents, he has made rapid and miraculous progress.