A former teen mom, Cherish Coatesl, now a 29-year-old mother of three living in Arizona, had a life-changing decision to make. She was at her wit’s end until she got help from a very caring nurse. 

The heartwarming story started on April 24, 2004, when Jeannie Joseph, a neonatal nurse at Swedish American Hospital in Rockford, Illinois, received a call from the emergency department to meet a teary-eyed teen wearing a hoodie, who was holding a shoebox.

She was shocked when she looked inside the box. There was a 3-pound baby wrapped in a dish towel. The hospital staff immediately put the baby in isolation, while the boy just stood there. After managing to stabilize the baby, the staff saw that the teen had waited and cried the entire time. Jeannie approached him for answers.

The boy told her that he and the baby’s mother, Cherish Coatesl, who was 15, wanted to give the baby up. Jeannie agreed to his request but informed him that it would terminate his rights as a parent. She would no longer have the authority to update him regarding the baby. Jeannie gave him two parental bracelets and suggested he think about the options before making a decision.

Next day when the baby was stable, the couple came to see their child at the hospital. Cherish was clearly upset when the nurse placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “You know that you saved his life, right? I don’t want you to hang your head. You gave him the best chance you could.”

Cherish admitted that she hid her pregnancy from her grandparents with whom she lived, and delivered the baby in her own bedroom. She and the baby’s father Cherish’s boyfriend were terrified, which is why they left the baby at the hospital where the staff could tend to him. So the teenagers placed the baby in a shoebox and added a touching note that said: “We love you, we are just not able to raise you. We want his name to be Allen Corey and we will hope to be able to see you again. God will be watching over you.”

Those words soothed the heaviness of Cherish’s heart and all of a sudden, a bond formed between the girl and the nurse. And that magic connection kept the young mother coming back to visit the baby and drop off breast milk for him. With the support of this loving nurse, Cherish ultimately told her family about the baby and decided to keep him.

Cherish and Jeannie lost touch until 12 years had passed. The mother sent a message on Facebook to Jeannie in 2016 to tell her that she was her inspiration to become a nurse and eventually enter law school, with hopes of becoming a mental health attorney.

After a long period of time, her story is in highlights to inspire people and both of them are happy to be a cause for it!

True love endures forever and its results are always inspirational!


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